Bespoke and Handcrafted

Our stylish pantries and kitchen storage solutions are handmade by skilled craftspeople in our Wiltshire workshop.

Each pantry we make is considered an heirloom for the future and crafted from sustainable Birch wood. We’re proud of Ella’s Kitchen Company roots and only use local craftspeople for our bespoke pantries and stylish storage solutions.

Being sustainable and green runs through our veins, we only use Little Greene Paints who are known for their low VOC*. We hand make the pantries using responsibly sourced Birch wood.

Our patented Aluminium Scoops and beautiful glass Storage Bottles are both created using artisan methods with recycled materials where possible.

We hope that creating items that are built to last, that are not thrown away when people move or improve their homes, will go some way to helping our environment.

The unique and stylish pantries provide intelligent storage solutions to help you organise your kitchen and home.

We are also developing a range of wooden kitchen products with our partner workshop in Budapest.


*VOC- volatile organic compounds are solvents that get released into the air as paint dries, some of which may have adverse health effects.

Latest news

New Website Launch

05th October 2020

5 October 2020 an exciting day at Ella's for two reasons. We launched our new website. Many thanks to our partners at Unstuckdesign, Salisbury for working with us to get up and running. There will be ongoing work to ensure we...

Our Heritage

22nd September 2020

The metal scoops and beautiful glass bottles that are such vital components in our pantries were inspired by Margaret Schutte-Lihotzky and the Frankfurt kitchen movement back in 1927 when there was a sudden focus on a kitchen’s practicality for every...

There’s something about our bottles…

22nd September 2020

There’s something about our Artisan glass storage bottles … everyone comments so affectionately about them!  For those of us who remember the humble milk bottle they have a similar look and feel. We think the simple twist turn lid is...

A bit about our sustainability approach.

22nd September 2020

Sustainability, a buzzword  when it comes to green living, refers to practices that do not deplete natural resources We use Birch Ply for all our pantries, bread bins and storage solutions.  Birch is used to create this revolutionary wood that...

Website changes

29th July 2020

We are upgrading our website over coming weeks. If you have any difficulties placing an order, please email us at and we would be happy to assist.

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