Our Products

Bespoke and handcrafted

Everything is handmade in our Dorset workshop with love and care.

Each cabinet we make is considered an heirloom for the future. We’re proud of our roots and only use local craftspeople. Being sustainable and green runs through our veins, we only use Little Greene Paints who are known for their low VOC. Our folk only build the cabinets using responsibly-sourced wood. Our scoops and EKC marked Bottles are both created using artisanal methods with recycled materials. We hope that creating items that are built to last, and not be thrown away when people move or improve their homes, this will go some way to helping our environment.

This unique cabinet provides intelligent storage to help you organise your kitchen and home.

Latest news

How to Cut Down on Plastic at Home

10th May 2019

We have all seen the headlines; we need to look after our beloved planet.

Our favourite plastic free shampoo's

29th March 2019

The best shampoos for plastic free living, read on for our selection of best plastic free solutions for the shinest hair around!     

Our tips on being green at home!

5th February 2019

We’ve been busy down here at Ellas HQ.  Down at the farm we’ve been creating and painting lots of gorgeous pantries. We love it when people want to pick their own colours and make it their own. But even better It’s great to hear so many people are making changes in their day to day lives and are ditching the plastic and looking at how live more sustainability.

Plastic free shopping guide

2nd January 2019

Zero waste shopping isn't just for bulk-buying and doing 'your bit'. Aside from the growing problem with single use plastic and packaging, did you know a fifth of your shopping bill goes on packaging? 

EKC ties up with Belvoir Fruit Farms

23rd February 2018

We're proud to have been selectedby our friends at Belvoir Fruit Farms to provide prizes for their popular Bagatelle game. Visit the website to find out how to win.