June 2023- Update

It’s been a difficult time and we are all experiencing the ‘pinch’ from food prices to mortgage rates…at least petrol and diesel prices have come down recently. The war in Ukraine has also put pressure on the supply and cost of materials, but our considered ‘hardships’ are nothing in comparison to the people of that wonderful country.

Throughout the period of uncertainty we decided to keep things ticking over and to leave our prices unchanged. We have now had to look again at this as our supplier and workshop costs have increased significantly. We have also looked at sourcing different materials, but want to keep true to our heritage, using sustainable wood sources…even more so with the ever increasing evidence of climate change.

So, unfortunately we have now increased our prices and continue to work hard at the workshop to find efficiencies. As for trying to make sense of regulations to send goods to Northern Ireland…!!

Enjoy the sunshine.

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