How it all began

Ella’s Kitchen Company was founded in 2004 by Katherina Saunders. The idea came from a food and spice cabinet left to Katherina by her Norwegian Grandmother, Ella.

In honour of her grandmother and Katherina’s daughter, she named the company and the classic signature cabinet after them.

Today, Ella’s Kitchen Company is owned by Amanda and Chris, with HQ in the beautiful Chalke Valley and  workshop in the historic Cathedral City of Salisbury in the heart of the ancient county of Wessex.

Ella’s original pantry took inspiration from the Frankfurt Kitchen Movement of the 1920’s. Faithful to the original, our pantries are Nordic in feel and artisan in style.

The EKC Team is proud of the Ella’s Kitchen Company story and the heritage behind the handmade patented pantries; stylish hard wearing aluminium scoops and Artisan glass storage bottles.

The EKC range of hand made Kitchen storage solutions has expanded to stylish bread bins; crumb catching breadboards and other versatile, sturdy and ‘green’ storage solutions largely using the sustainable resource of Birch wood.

EKC also has a presence on Not On The High Street and has Business 2 Business trade with  selected furniture makers in the UK. We also have a partner workshop based in Budapest where some of our range is produced.

EKC is at its heart a local family business. All our Team and our suppliers both here and abroad share our values. Together we strive to excel with our unique range of products and our personal customer service. We are small enough to care; to know our customers individually and able to be flexible enough to meet their exact requirements.

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