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It goes without saying that being green is in our veins and we’ve got the credentials and design to back it up.

We practise what we preach, whether we’re recycling at home or in HQ, we’re constantly making sure we are ahead of the game and using the very best to create our sustainable pieces. All of our paint comes from Little Greene Paint and we use Birch wood in our pantries, bread bins and storage products.

Did you know Birch is one of the most sustainable trees around? This mighty little tree, grows fast (3-4 feet per year) so the resource is never exhausted.  Wood is also recyclable, biodegradable, insulating and hypoallergenic, it’s the only truly sustainable material we have and that’s why it’s top of our list…..and it looks pretty good too.

We try to minimise plastic use and recycle and reuse packaging where this is possible, but to get our deliveries safely to you, there remains a need to use some plastic packaging that is light weight and best for this. Light weight helps to reduce shipping and fuel costs.

Our continued efforts to become more sustainable will see our administrative base move to our new office that we are building in our garden. Even here we have used a number of up-cycled items and a timber framed modular construction.


Sustainability: a buzzword when it comes to green living, refers to practices that do not deplete natural resources.   

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