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Large Kitchen Cabinet


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The Large Kitchen Cabinet from Ella's Kitchen Company is the ultimate in practical, space-saving kitchen storage and organisation. Each of the 12 pourable scoop containers hold the equivalent of a large bag of dry cooking ingredients. The nine glass bottles with aluminium lids help make this a perfect pantry for baking ingredients and spices. You will be amazed at how your kitchen cupboards are freed up for other items.

Our Cabinets are painted to order and will usually take 2-3 weeks. If you are not sure of our colour range please view the EKC Colours, or you can order a colour chart. If you would like it to be painted in your own colour please let me know the make and name.

  • Dimensions: Width 77 cm, Height 50 cm, Depth 25.5 cm.
  • Each Scoop holds: 900g flour or 1.5kg rice or 2kg sugar or 500g pasta
  • Bottle Capacity: each has a 250ml capacity.
  • Comes complete with hanging instructions and screws.
  • Lovingly made and hand-painted in our workshop in Dorset using responsibly sourced materials.
  • Delivery cost within the UK is £25.

If you are chosing your own colour please email us and let us know your choice of colour.