Ella's Kitchen Company was founded in 2004 by Katherina Saunders. The inspiration came from a food and spice cabinet left to her by Norwegian Grandmother, Ella. In honour of Katherina's Grandmother, and her own daughter, she named the company and the signature cabinet after them.

James Law took over directorship in 2016 and, with his love of all things EKC, the future for Ella's Kitchen looks exciting.

How our Cabinets are made

Ella's Kitchen Cabinets are built in our Dorset workshops with love and care. Each one is considered an heirloom for the future. Using local craftspeople and hand-painting the wooden frames using low VOC, Little Greene Paints, we build the Cabinets using responsibly-sourced, European wood.  Ella's Kitchen Cabinet Scoops and EKC marked Bottles are both created using artisanal methods with recycled materials. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are both important philosophies to us. We hope that creating items that are built to last, and not be thrown away when people move or improve their homes, will go some way to helping our environment.

We have added to our wooden painted kitchen range to include other useful and stylish kitchen accessories, made and painted in the same way as our Cabinets.

Ella's Kitchen Cabinets are child-friendly, convenient, simple to use, mouse-proof. This unique cabinet provides intelligent storage to help you organise your kitchen and home.

Every part of EKC is stamped with our logo, EKC is a trademarked and registered design.