Plain wood Breadbin

Plain wood Breadbin



This functional, elegant Breadbin was designed after many frustrating years of searching for the perfect Breadbin.

Made in our Dorset workshop, I have designed it to be front opening, so that with a quick glance you can check how much bread you have left.

It is large enough to hold several loaves of bread and the flat top creates space to keep a small toaster, butter dish or even a teapot!  I have created higher edges at the sides so that you can store items on top of it without them falling off.

We supply the Breadbins unpainted or painted in one of our EKC colour chart (click here to see our colours), there is also an option to choose your own colour.  As you can see from our photographs we also have Breadboards that are designed to be stored beneath the Breadbin.

Height 29 cm,  Width 44 cm, Base Depth 28cm, Depth of the top 21cm.


Some of our Breadbin Facts:

  • Bread should always be stored in wooden containers which allow bread to "breathe". Condensation created in metal bins makes bread go mouldy quickly.
  • If you are a bread baker,  this will fit your odd shaped loaves!
  • Made of sustainable Birch ply, like our Cabinets.
  • Buy our matching Breadboard and store it underneath your Breadbin.
  • If you are choosing your own colour we have added £20 for the purchase of your paint.  Please let me know which colour you would like by emailing me.
  • Registered design by EKC.