Artisan Herb and Spice Bottles with lid.




These beautiful, heavy glass Artisan Herb & Spice Bottles will remind you of old milk bottles.

We have designed simple and sleek aluminium lids that, due to their half turn action makes them very easy to open and close. The lids come with an air tight seal to keep your food products extra fresh.

Made by Ella’s Kitchen Company they are brilliant for spice storage, seeds, nuts, herbs and cake decorations and fit a range of our storage solutions and pantries.

Six of the bottles fit into the EKC Bottle Bank.

  • Glass Bottle with lid is 15 cm high
  • Bottle base is 5.5 cm diameter.
  • Bottle lid is 7 cm diameter.
  • The Bottle capacity is 125 ml.

Additional information

Weight 110.00 g

Artisan kitchen pieces, crafted from sustainably sourced materials

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