The Wall Pantry

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The Wall Pantry


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Described by many as stylish, stunning and subtle. As with all of our pieces the design is driven by a socially responsible concern for the ergonomics and the environment but still being bespoke handcrafted, clean and beautiful.

Nordic influence on wall units and media storage is still as strong as ever but we add our very unique Dorset feel. Whether you use this piece to store dry foods or other life bits this sleek floating wall pantry will be a talking point but also gives you the option to ‘do your bit

  • Each metal Scoop will take the equivalent of 1kg flour or sugar and 500g pasta.
  • As with all of our pieces, choose one of our house colours or let us know your thoughts on how you would like your piece to be finished.
  • We work around you.
  • The Wall Pantry is handcrafted with love and normally takes 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • Width 680mm
  • Depth 260mm
  • Height 720mm