Christmas Tree Decoration

We loved making these as children and I still have some that my own Mother made as a child!

How to make Norwegian Christmas baskets

pinebar.gif (5611 bytes)


Take two pieces of colored paper about 8×12 cm and fold them in half (where the scissor is) before rounding the edge on the top. Cut several slots 2/3 of the way up from the bottom on both halves.

korg1.gif (3093 bytes)


Weave the two sides together as shown. This isn’t as difficult as it seems. Weave the strips through each other by “opening” and closing” them.-

Take a green strip and “open” the first loop. Then pull a red strip through. Now open the same red strip and pull the next green strip (closed) through.

korg2.gif (3628 bytes)


Make a handle and glue it to the insides of the basket.

kortg3.gif (4346 bytes)


Hang the basket on your Christmas tree and fill it up with nuts and candy !

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I am a half-Norwegian Mother of 3 and married to a much maligned husband! Living in rural Shropshire. I am the designer and manufacturer of Ella's Kitchen Cabinet as well as our many EKC Accessories. I love the sun, gardening and taking photos.
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